Question about bandwidth on MR9000 and QCA9984


I've recently purchased 2 Linksys MR9000 and installed the unofficial notengobattery openwrt version. This router is a triband router with AC3000 (N400 + AC867 + AC1733). The AC1733 5Ghz band is controlled by a QCA9984 chip and is a 4x4 MU-MIMO and limited to channel 100 and up.
I've configured the second 5G band as backhaul between the 2 routers and made some test with iperf:

[iperf server] --- cable---[router]--- 5G backhaul---[router] ---cable---[iperf client]

I've tested with WDS and 802.11s mesh (wds seems a bit fast than mesh), with many distances and powers, and the result is always the same, max speed 400-420Mbs aprox. Link speed is between 1000Mb/s -1733Mb/s depending on distance but speed seems limited to this real 400Mb.
I know that real speed is less than the theorical speed, but this is less than 50%.
I have the same results with my phone connected to the other 5G band, with a theorical speed of 866, so I don't know if this is a firmware problem, if these values are fine, or any other problem

some help?


"This is a custom configuration optimized for MT7621 devices. The purpose of this build is to give the user a sensible selection of software for testing and using OpenWrt without too much extra effort. It's also optimized for lower latency and fixes for many annoyances. This build contains some important changes compared to OpenWrt. It contains some customizations that cannot be found in the official OpenWrt image or the OpenWrt repositories.`

I realize your device doesn't appear to supported by official OpenWrt, but you should be seeking help from notengobattery.

There is little help for you here other then questions related to Official OpenWrt firmware. We do not know what customization this firmware comtains compared to OpenWrt official.

Hi Paul,

I know that this is not and official firmware, but I want to know if someone with a similar setup with 4x4 ac router have the same speeds or its my/firmware problem.

Yes, I understood that. But,

  • @NoTengoBattery is a member and you could address him/her for a response

  • Questions surrounding non-official OpenWrt just are not able to be adequately addressed,

  • You should clarify that you are explicitly asking a question specifically relating to user experiences "with a similar setup with 4x4 ac router have the same speeds". We can't tell you your firmware is a problem.

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We are talking about firmware here. The question asked has to be device specific for any answer to be relevant. There is a MR9000 development thread in another forum where wifi performance was talked about. You may find some clue there.