Question about access point channel number on a repeater

each time I set an Openwrt repeater, the Access Point info page shows "1" as channel number, and "20 MHz" as width. By default, even if I join a router set on channel 6 and width 40 Mhz.
The guide tells to not change the number after the join procedure.
What is the best choice in this case?
Keep the default setting or enter the values of the client router?

The client interface (meaning the uplink AP you're connecting to) decides about the channel, your additional AP interfaces don't have any say about it.


The STA mode will scan all channels until it finds an AP with matching SSID (and BSSID, if configured, which will force connection to one particular AP even though there may be others with the same SSID). Then the whole radio operates on that channel. Any AP interfaces will run on that channel. LuCI probably shows this correctly in the "Associated Stations" section. The main radio configuration can be set to any channel and that won't change but that's not the operating channel.

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Thanks guys.

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