Question about 23.05-SNAPSHOT

I've noticed that there's

which is the nightly for the 23.05 branch.

How much ahead is the normal SNAPSHOT branch on the firmware downloader tool and why is this not a listed branch?

snapshot is the latest version with all patches approved by the developers


"How far ahead" depends on what got committed, what got backported and so on. You can check it against your current install with auc using it's "check" option -c. Here I'm checking the 23.05 snapshot against today's main branch snapshot, and see a bunch of downgrades versus that build:

$ opkg update ; opkg install auc  # If not already installed...

$ auc  -c  -b 23.05  -B 23.05-snapshot
Running:   SNAPSHOT r23783-f2a8763587 on x86/64 (generic)
Available: 23.05-SNAPSHOT r23389-5deed175a5
WARNING: Downgrade to older branch may not work as expected!
Requesting package lists...
 openssh-sftp-server: 9.4p1-1 -> 9.3p1-3
 luci-app-adblock: git-23.188.24085-e6ff682 -> git-23.189.72983-3072876
 ubus: 2023-06-05-f787c97b-1 -> 2022-06-15-9913aa61-1
 libiperf3: 3.14-1 -> 3.13-1
... for another 40-50 lines of stuff ...
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