Query on iterative compilation with openWRT SDK

Hi All,

I'm new to openWRT and the forum has been really helpful to explore and understand.
Can someone help me with the below,

I'm haveing an openWRT 21.02 based SDK, make -j V=s is used to compile the SDK and generate the image.

In non-openWRT based legacy SDKs, the iterative builds on a previously compiled workspace (Both toolchain and target directories are built once already) are able to re-compile the source makefiles , thus ensuring that any changes in the source code done by the developer is picked up.

In case of openWRT, this is not possible unless you do make -j V=s clean before triggering the build (or) explicitly clean the package via make -j package//{clean,compile}.

Is there a way to achieve this iterative compilation of source files without having to do a wholesome clean ?

Thanks in advance!