Quectel UC20 connectivity

I'm having hard time to make the UC20 module working. Does anyone have any success on communicating through this device? I try it with the in-tree QMI/wwan driver. The USB devices are there, but the module doesn't connect.

Please note, that I have the EC25 working with a custom kernel patch.

I use Lede 17.01.1.


some usefull info https://gl-inet.com/docs/mini/mifi/

I think it would be helpful if you are more specific about the version of the EC20, your device, country, carrier and settings.

I have an EC20A and was never able to get it to work in the US on AT&T. I occasionally had an IP, but it was unstable and to slow to use. It was at least 6 months ago and I do not have the config any more.

It is the UC20. This is the 3G version of EC20. It can connect, and it gets
IP, but the virtual ethernet interface doesn't work. The workaround is to I
can connect with the PPP interface.

EC20 is different.


Which one?


Its the E version.