Qualcommax NSS Build

I have set wireless as you said, option multicast_to_unicast_all '1', but I just using it for one day.

Can you test clients connection at https://test-ipv6.com/
Sorry for the noise I've deleted my two previous posts.
The issue probably was at ISP side.

I am using local dns server, so ignore dns part

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I've updated all qca libraries to 12.4


Have anyone tested, or know if bridger works with NSS build to offload wlan to lan?
I have tried to gather some information about how bridger works for IPQ, but they always mention mediatek. There was one post with IPQ40xx mentioned, but that was related to DSA.

If someone would like to share some info about bridger, like:

  1. Is it only wlan to lan? What if I have sfp and lan, wlan...
  2. Does it work with IPQ807x?
  3. Do we need NSS build and enable offloading in the firewall section?
  4. Can it run on a regular/basic IPQ807x install?

Sorry if this is off topic, but just curious if bridger could offload wlan to lan since todays build does not do this.

Use https://github.com/bitthief/openwrt/tree/qualcommax-6.1-nss
Latest, I can't get dhcp anyway
But you can see the logs of the network cable being connected and disconnected.
However, I cannot obtain the correct dhcp and cannot access the Internet. Neither wan nor lan can be obtained.

do you see anything on the kernel log saying that autoneg failed ?

I had to add the 'ignore' line mentioned here:

Hello, would you mind creating a build for the RAX120v2?

Anyone getting

[   20.512733] nss-dp 3a001800.dp5 10g-1: PHY Link up speed: 1000
[   20.805954] uniphy autoneg time out!

and router not getting a wan ip address ? this is after the most recent changes like
qualcommax: add addresses to DP nodes

tcpdump shows BOOTP/DHCP requests

if I revert back to a previous version I do get an ip

fixed by deleting patch package/kernel/qca-ssdk/patches/100-malibu-phy-drop-usage-of-first_phy_addr.patch and reinstating package/kernel/qca-ssdk/patches/100-malibu-phy-add-support-for-manual-define-of-first-ph.patch

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im using latest bitthief's sources plus tcp_no_window_check option enabled
i noticed nss offloading doesn't work with ipv6 connections only ipv4 connections are offloaded
ecm got some problems with ipv6 or am i missing something

Hi, I'm little late to the wifi-offload party. But did you manage to get it working?
Do you also know what the different frame_mode do?

Is your current wifi-offload code on available for kernel 6 on github?

Thanks :+1:

Edit: Modes from iw list

Supported interface modes:
		 * managed
		 * AP
		 * monitor
		 * mesh point

Edit: Frame mode is this...

Datapath frame mode (0: raw, 1: native wifi (default), 2: ethernet)

No there are too many problems even on 5.15 and it's worse on 6.1. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, I'm trying 6.1 myself. Hoped that you had some magic code that just works :slight_smile:

How did you solve the code in net/mac80211/tx.c from the ansuel patches? That one brakes the whole compile thing for me...

I have a question: The build here is missing some packages I need, however I cannot just install the one from standard repo, so in what way I can get them into my build?

Here is my source code

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Thanks. I'll have a look. But do you know why we don't use the API commands etc already present in the qca-nss-drv. I've never touch any of this kind of code before, but I feels like we are just copying code instead of using the included one...

But as I wrote earlier, all of this is new to me, but I see the same code only with ath11k_ added.

Actually main developers are @Ansuel and @robimarko So you'd better to try ask them berceuse I'm only enthusiast :wink:

I am not familiar with the ath11k offloading but it has to use API exposed by NSS-DRV

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