QSFP+ with x86-x64 vm possible?


we are planning to use enterprise NVME (U.2)-SSD for our I/O-intense database-accesses. As it is capable of 3,5GiB/s transfer rates, a decent networt connection is necessary - for full capacity 40GBit.
I'm curious if a QSFP+-cards (like the XL710-QDA1) would be recognized if handed through for direct access to the vm where we are planning to install OpenWRT as firewall/DHCP/switch (DNS should be done via pihole inside another vm).

Thanks - at least for reading,

OpenWrt will act no different as any other VM when you capture a hardware into a VM.

Now, you'll have to ensure they're driver for said card.

You're right. Unfortunately I cannot find corresponding drivers for openwrt, it seems I need to compile them myself.