Qosify: new package for DSCP marking + cake

So to elaborate, for download I have a mixture of VPN (in an unencrypted state) and non-VPN traffic hit 'veth-lan' on which I have CAKE applied. Upload traffic is managed on 'wan' and again this is a mixture of VPN (in an encrypted state) and non-VPN traffic, and amazingly despite the encryption CAKE can work with this with the 'flows' keyword because it has a special WireGuard compatibility built-in (working with skb->hash) - see here:


Finally, an autorate script handles upload/download bandwidth fluctuation owing to varying capacity on the LTE link.


Here are the CAKE parameters:

qdisc cake 8065: dev wan root refcnt 2 bandwidth 30Mbit besteffort flows 
qdisc cake 804d: dev veth-lan root refcnt 2 bandwidth 25Mbit besteffort triple-isolate nonat wash ingress no-ack-filter split-gso rtt 100ms noatm overhead 92

Seems to work well for me with my Vodafone UK 4G connection (albeit getting the autorate right is difficult). VPN circumvents their port-selective throttling, and VPN bypass deals with Netflix/Prime. I see download bandwidth varying between 20-80 Mbit/s and upload bandwidth varying between 25-35 Mbit/s and latency (without bufferbloat is pretty tightly spread around 50ms).

But if possible it would certainly be nice to encourage CAKE to drop Netflix/Prime or Windows update traffic rather than Teams/Zoom traffic during periods of saturation.

So in this scenario (which is adopted by many who want CAKE to handle mixture of encrypted and unencrypted traffic), how would I set Qosify to work with these interfaces?

@nbd can Qosify work in this situation?

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