QOS/SQM for mobile connection?

Which type of SQM to use for mobile connection, taking into account drasticallly fluctuating availability of bandwidth ?
This fluctuation might happen because of the modem switching modes, saturated airtime, bad coverage when moving around etc.
In my first thought, some simple "round-robin" type might be appropiate, to ensure fair share among multiple users, for downloads and surfing, no concern about VoIP, gaming etc.

yes (thats the core of sqm)

thing is, the modem wont tell the router how fast it can actually/now transfer, or when the line is "full".
so the only effective solution to date is to set the shaper-limit really low, so it wont ever overload and cause serialisation delay in the modem.
this is unpractical so, sry, you are mostly out of luck :frowning:

You could try cake with the additional autorate-ingress keyword for the ingress cake instance, but that will not perform miracles and requires the mobile modem to be close by... In all likelihood it is not going to help in your case...
The good thing is that "5G" is all about latency, the bad thing is it is unlear how well it is going to perform in real life.

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