QOS setting for bandwidth

Hi guys, is it possible to use the the number zero for bandwidth up and down on the Luci_qos app?

All I want to do is to prioritise certain protocols, and have no limit on bandwidth...

Thanks in advance.

Why do you want to set no traffic.

So why don't you set the correct bandwidth per common instructions?

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Prioritization can only work at a choke point where packets are buffered and delayed.
However, this buffering may naturally happen inside a modem where you cannot configure priorities.
The bandwith settings create an artificial choke point in order to move the queues to the OpenWrt device, where they can be controlled better. In most cases, the bandwith options should not be zero.

For more specific advice, could you please share your network diagram with link speeds and the model of your OpenWrt router?

Which application do you want to prioritize?

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Thanks, what I was trying to do is mimic Linksys prioritization feature. Like in SQM-QOS app you can set the ingress and egress to 0. I wanted to give priority over certain ports and protocols rather than at a choke point.
Is there another package that would enable me to do this, prioritize proto and or ports and not only at choke?

Priorización can only happen at choke.

When there is enough upstream bandwidth to handle all the traffic, all packets are sent as fast as they are received by the router. Only when the external link is saturated, packets begin to queue, and can be sorted.


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