QOS or SQM for WR740N

Hi friends, I would like to know if there is any QOS or SQM package for openwrt 18.06.9-ar71, basically I'm using it on a Tp-Link TL-WR740N V4, I know the equipment isn't the best, but for use it works well, I just wanted to get it better balance the little available bandwidth.

The scenario that is installed is in a rural area where only 1 internet link arrives via radio which I repeat about 150 meters away from the Tp-link via 2 CPE's at the point where the Tp-Link reaches +/- 2 MBps I would like to do something to balance and distribute better.

To understand the complete scenario, it is as follows.

At the sending point there is 1 unibuiti I believe to be a nanobeam connected to the LAN port of a D-link Dir 609 I repeated the D-link wireless network using a CPE Comfast E-130N-V2.

At the reception point

I have another Comfast E-130N-V2 CPE in bridge receiving the signal that arrives with +/- -78Dbm on the CPE with 13.50 mbps that is connected to the WR740N's WAN.

Both CPE'S use original firmware unfortunately I couldn't get OpenWRT to work on them due to the settings.

That is a severely old version with known security issues, please do not use that anywhere exposed to the open internet. That said, you can install sqm-scripts manually (instructions on the sqm-scripts github page) and then you just need to make sure to also install all the required kernel modules...
In all honesty, installing sqm seems possible, but it certainly is not a good idea, please consider whether you could switch to something less antique that can run up to date OpenWrt.

For your 150m link, have you considered simply bridging that via:

  1. ~75m cat 6 cable to a switch in the field, that is powered via POE
  2. a second ~75 m ethernet segment

that would give you a far better and more reliable connection between the two points for relatively little money....


Well, the CAT.6 cable solution was thought of, but I have 2 problems, the first being that it would have to cross the cow pasture site and then a road to reach its destination, in addition to the risk of fire during the dry season. The second problem is the cost of the cables because I live in Brazil here and everything is triple the price because importing it was prohibitive. 100 meters of cable costs almost 100 dollars and it is not a good brand cable. Thank you for letting me know that there are security problems in this version of OpenWRt, I will consider changing the device in the future.

Mmmh, then if cables are not an option and price is important, then maybe try to build DIY directional atennas for the WiFi.
Here is a (unfortunately German) instruction:

but automatic translation should help... the reason for citing that instead of the ubiquitous 'pringle's can' design is that in this article people actually measured performance...

if you can solve the physical obstacles, and single pair wires are cheap (basically any phone line wire), you could get a pair ethernet extenders, like https://www.startech.com/en-us/networking-io/110vdslext
or the successor https://www.startech.com/en-us/networking-io/vdsl-lan-extender-1g

So I already have 2 comfast antennas, which I believe to be the problem are physical obstacles such as height, trees and things like that, but thanks for everyone's tips, I'm going to look for newer equipment to use with OpenWRt