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hello by default openwrt uses pfifo or pfifo fast??

There are no QoS packages installed by default on OpenWrt. There are user-installable packages (or you can build your own images) to add this functionality.

by default there are many queues

I'm not really sure what you're getting at.... if you're looking for control -- i.e. user settable QoS/priorities, you need to install packages to provide that functionality. It seemed that this was the point of your question, but maybe I misunderstood what you were asking.

fq_codel w MQ (device dependent?)

I wanted to know how is to manage the basic traffic that is to say by default on openwrt without sqm or qos if it is first in first out .....

because pfifo fast by default on all linux I wanted to know if it was the case for openwrt??

OpenWrt doesn't have any means of user-level control unless you install QoS related packages. Are you asking how you can manage it, or how OpenWrt does it behind the scenes if the user has not installed QoS packages?

The default linux qdisc is replaced at build time, your can switch it back at boot if desired.

ok Thank you

Which is not generally tru any more, most distributions default to something else instead, OpenWrt defaults to fq_codel (mostly).

the post is from August 2021

Almost, that is when the last change was committed to that page. The first tracked version of this page (which existed before untracked) from 2018/02/18 already has the DEFAULT text. It seems clear that this was simply never adjusted when the actual default was changed.

From gitlog it would appear fq_codel was defaulted in 2013 by commit, but:

tc qdisc show
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no big deal it's just to know if openwrt was under codel or pfifo
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Thank you for the info

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