Qos help bandwith control

I was using a tp link router in the past that had a feature called bandwith control
I was able to limit s specific port on my ps4 upload and download in kbs
It was brilliant
Is there a programme avaible like this on openwrt
As i only wanna limit the port udp 3074 on my ps4 not the whole network
I have done this in the past on the old tp link firmware
Please help

what is the underlying goal? to limit congestion, to reduce costs due to overage, what?

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When i play call of duty the game uses port 3074 udp and its to do with lag comp
So i want to limit that specific port to a low bandwoth in kbs upload and download not my whole network
I have doe this in the past on my tp link router and it worked great it was called bandwith control
It used to just limit port 3074 on my ps4 and not my whole ps4
So it wouldnt effect other stuff runnin on my network
I hope i made sence

You can do this most easily with a rule that drops packets in the firewall if they go over a certain bandwidth or packets/second...

iptables -A forwarding_lan_rule --source YOURPS4_IP_HERE -p udp --port 3074 -m hashlimit --hashlimit-mode srcip,srcport --hashlimit-above  5kb/second --hashlimit-burst 5kb -j DROP

Causes it to drop packets over 5 kB/s (BYTES according to the docs) with the first 5000 bytes allowed through free (helps to set up the connection)

You could try tuning that yourself, but it's tricky and this is just dropping packets not queueing them...

I'm curious, limiting the bandwidth on CoD doesn't cause any play issues?

Most people want to speed up the port for better results, now slow it down. When you have an opportunity, could you describe the advantages or improvements you've observed doing this?

Thank you for your repys all
For call of duty when i play on my normal speeds with a 9ms ping to the call of duty dedicated servers 50mb download and 16mb upload my hit detection and gameplay are crap this is because of lag compensation i always feel a second behind everyohe else

But when i throttle my speeds down to kbs and play on servers with i higher ping my games are brilliant
The game feels fair and i aint a second behind everyone else
This is my experince playing call of duty since call of duty mw3 its been like this
The better your connection is the worse the gameplays
Its a bit more complicated than this but this was a brief answer

What helps big time is priortising certain udp ports this helps with hit detection
The ports are between 30000 udp-45000 udp if your intrested
If you prioritize these ports it helps big time i dont mean port forward
I prioritize these ports with my netdumar router

The issue is likely not bandwidth as I suspected, but that you have 9ms ping.

Dlakelan what ping do you think works best with call of duty modern warfare out of curiosity
as you said you think the issue is with my my 9ms ping to the call of duty modern warfare dedicated servers
i would like to hear your opinion

As i know ping is a big part of the problem with call of duty modern warfare lag comp
As i have tried netem in the past
And it helped a bit before with lag comp

Just try to pick servers that are a bit further away?

I've never played COD so I really can't say, but I have helped people with this kind of problem, where their ping was so low that they felt the network code was penalizing them. I would guess the best ping would be something like 30-40th percentile for the server. low enough to be better than most but high enough not to be excessively penalized.

I play COD to..my base ping is 13ms...i have netduma...nothing work.
I prioritize udp ports 30000-45000 nothiing works.
It is SBMM (skill based matchmaking) they dont care about ping ...the same players with different pings in the same lobby...etc. you with 9ms,me with 13ms and guy from Algeria with 200ms!!!
I never connected in lobby with ping under 75ms....this is what says in game.
I think something else is the problem and we must start from what you said....why if prioritize udp 30000-45000 plays ONLY a bit better?
How we can use netem to add latency..different values and play trial and error to find sweet spot?
Why udp 3074 is always connected to the game?They said that is only for authentication when you load the game...but it stays connected if you see from game menu...but when you join a lobby you connect in another port to!!!
I see that if i play with friends in same lobby as platoon it is much worse.!!!

Any thoughts?

My main thoughts are that netem to add moderate delay (say 10-30ms) might work for you, but you will have to know some fairly serious kung-fu to make it work.

Here's my suggestion how I'd do it: Set up a separate VLAN for your gaming machine, for example eth0.4 then bridge it into your LAN bridge (add it to br-lan), and then put netem on eth0.4 using tc.... this will delay all the inbound packets to your machine as if you were farther away, but not delay any of your outbound packets.

I dont know how to do that.

Neither do i
My best results in the past was using netem to get a ping in game to around 40ms was good
But that was in december
Knomax cheers for the help and thanks for the help in dumar forum as well
Thank you all for the help