QoS Half-Duplex

Limiting an interface to be 'half-duplex' then adding speed limitations on download/upload does not seem to work intuitively. Using iperf as a testing tool it seems that only one, either upload or download is limited. ( in my case, eth0 download speeds are limited, upload is not) I am not sure whether I misunderstood how QoS is supposed to work, or whether there is a bug in qos-scripts/generate.sh.

Any help is appreciated,

While I have no direct answer to your question, I am curious, why do you want to use qos-scripts in half-duplex mode?

I've been playing around with the Luci model and logic. If I was sure this was a bug, I would try to fix it, or at least register an issue, so someone takes a look at it. Guess it mostly boils down to academic interest.

Ah, okay, by all means get to the bottom of it and have a go at fixing it :wink: