QoS Gaming PS4 (CoD)

Hi. I bought an Linksys WRT1900v2 router today and installed OpenWRT. I had OpenWRT on my previous router (WNDR3700) and I had pretty bad gaming experince on that older device. So I want to give it a try with the newer one!

I have installed Smart Queue Management and have great bufferbloat on dslreports when I'm using cake and layer_cake.qos. Results. I also have great results when pinging -t and doing speedtest (Ping is stable in cmd). Im proud so far. I have searched around and haven't found my answer so my question is, is it a way to prioritize my PS4? I have a Chromecast and will be livestreaming and want my ps4 always to be prioritized to avoid lag or some delay. Any suggestions what to do? Thanks. :sunglasses:

You can setup PS4 to get the same IP from DHCP (under /etc/config/dhcp) and then give priority in QoS for the IP of PS4.

Thanks for your reply. Is their a guide how to do that or can you guide me?

For the DHCP part turn on your PS4 first then log into router and then Status then Overview and then look for Active DHCP Leases and you should see a device with a Mac Address which starts with E8:61: also dot down it's IPv4-Address then go into Network and you will see the option of DHCP and DNS (click) and then scroll down and you will see Static Leases click Add and fill in Host Name PS4, MAC-Address for the PS4 normally start with E8:61: and should be listed in the drop down menu so click it to add plus do the same for IPv4-Address ps don't worry about the other parts just Save and Apply

PS Other way to find MAC-Address of PS4 is to go into Network settings of PS4 and it will be listed or use Advanced IP Scanner software on your PC and it will list all devices on your network

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Or via Luci as described above.

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Thanks! The first part is done. I can't find where i can priotize the IP in QOS? I'm using luci-app-sqm.

THere is no simple way in SQM to do that. But have a look at the " Making cake sing and dance, on a tight rope without a safety net (aka advanced features)" in:
which will tell you how to configure per-internal-IP-address fairness. This is not exactly what you ask for, but should be better than the default and might be good enough to cover you back while you research the intricacies of doing egress and ingress per-IP priority marking :wink:

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Thanks! I guess you talking about this? :wink:



Saw this Post.

What’s the diffrence between these two?


Well, dual-dsthost is not dual-srchost, one looks at a packet's destination ip-address the other after the source ip-address, and both consult the nat table to get the true internal and external addresses.

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Thanks for reply. Ok, would you recommend any of these settings when playing multiplayer?

Hard to answer for me, as my gaming days are over (I stopped playing well before on-line gaming was really big). For that reason I have no first hand experience whether the per-internsl-IP fairness configured with the above settings is the optimum for gaming. What I do know is that these settings should give each active computer in your local net an equal share of the bandwidth, which I assume should help a lot in isolating say a gaming session from the effects of 8K streaming on another computer. so I would recommend these settings, but would also recommend proper testing whether they actually improve your situation.

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