Qemu-ga missing 23.05.0-rc4

Continuing the discussion from OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc3 - Third Release Candidate:

…and that is not very likely to change any time soon (ever?).

I would guess I am not the only one running Openwrt x86 generic as a vm. Without qenu-guest-agent proxmox can't shutdown or restart the vm. Seems it was in whatever version I was using before trying the rc. Anyway was suggested I should compile it myself. I would be willing to try but have no clue how to do it. A simple howto would be welcome.

Thanks for report/advise, as Im also running OpenWRTx86/64 as VM inside Proxmox, Ill better stay some more, with 23.03.5, untill things are final, and these problems got hopefully fixed...

That would be a deficiency on proxmox' side, I can invoke system_powerdown quite easily via the (plain-) qemu/kvm monitor interface. Again, if you want it, step 1 is all in your hands - just steps 2 and 3 are very unlikely to happen.

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That is why I am asking for advice on how to get started by a novice.


For anyone else searching to get proxmox vm stopping or restarting. Install apcid (may not be needed) and disable guest agent for the vm.

Still would prefer having qemu-guest-agent as it used to be available. I will try but don't know how to begin.