QCA9988 datasheet needed


I have Xiaomi AC2350 (R2350) and OpenWrt techdata shows that QCA9988 is used for WiFi 5 on this it. Now i can find data on QCA9984 but not on 9988 and also I can see that 9984 is used in far better routers than mine so this combination I have on R2350 turns out to be quite okay for no-sqm network, up to 200 Mbps (or 180-185 is max when R2350 is in router mode, DMZ-ed on IPS ONT since there is no bridge). I would like to read the spec on it to understand what i bought 2.5 years ago, when prices were quite good.

I would like to compare spec between MT7612E and QCA9988 because while I have faster MT7621 soc in another router paired with 7612E, this R2350 is visibly better in terms of WiFi coverage at lower transmission power and it looks like more spatial streams really means more to me than cpu speed right now.

I am experimenting with my existing equipment and contemplating on using this QCA9988 router as dumb AP with WRT1200AC, which has plenty power but WiFi is beyond unstable (read: utter garbage).

Any pointers or potential discussion on the matter could help so thank you in advance.