QCA9563 Datasheet

Can anyone provide the datasheet for Qualcomm QCA9563?

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Here is


Thanks @kid123

@Deoptim maybe you can add this to your GH repo?

I look forward to QCA8075 and IPQ40XX

I need to try to delete watermarks first, otherwise qualcomm may require to delete these documents or even my repository.

I can’t do it yet, but I can extract PDF(also with encryption).
What freeware software can remove watermarks(as images) from PDFs?

Acrobat should be able to do it

a little google lead to this chinese site mirror http://www.lakepickett.com/citiao-pinpai-gaotong-data_download.html, but they want payment with some weird currency for datasheets, while images are free to view. it has QCA9882 DS too.

Thanks @Deoptim, I was also searching for IPQ40XX, Would be nice if you can share all datasheet and layouts you mentioned?

Added new datasheets(without editing and without removing watermarks - as is):