Qca-nss-ecm bug, Chaos Calmer QSDK

I am using Qualcomm's chip, but for my VLAN, whether I process my VLAN from the software driver or through the command provided to me by Qualcomm FAE (control register to set the VLAN), can not solve my VLAN-free computer to access the internet, can only ping, but http or https These communication protocols can not pass, resulting in in inability to access the Internet, but the computer with VLAN attributes will not, I don't know if any friends have also encountered this problem, of course, what I expect is that my router defaults to an environment with a default PVID of 1.

I need your help now. After my openwrt starts qca-nss-ecm hardware acceleration, my PC without attributes cannot normally access the Internet, but it can ping the Internet. Only other computers with VLAN tag can work normally. My device is in a group with vlan1 by default. However, due to some specific relationships, I can't turn off the hardware acceleration of qca-nss-ecm, and I can't delete vlan1 from my device. I hope I can get your help. Thank you.

Is that available in current git master now, or are you running a recent build from this community thread: Ipq806x NSS build (Netgear R7800 / TP-Link C2600 / Linksys EA8500) ?

It may also be helpful to specify the device you are using, and which OpenWrt version.

Hello, I am using an ipq8074 device, but it seems that the version cannot be viewed directly on my device. I am not running the latest version of the community, but the previous version and the product after secondary customization. Among them, there is the reserved hardware acceleration of qca-nss-ecm . I hope my reply can remind you of something that can help me. Thank you.

My current QSDK version is based on QSDK spf11.4cs build, the version of OpenWrt is OpenWrt Chaos Calmer (CC)

That's 7 years old, time to upgrade, or get a new, supported, device.

Yes, but I still want to solve this problem, because if you still have this problem next time, you won't solve it. I think solving the problem is more important than avoiding the problem.

Have fun, fingers X:ed.

Or ask your vendor for help.

But in fact, I have asked Qualcomm FAE for help. The method of realizing VLAN function through hardware provided by him is actually the same as that realized by my own driver code, which will be affected by hardware acceleration, so I think this is a bug.

I translated it into English by software, so it may not be very smooth for you. I'm sorry.

Noone here is going to fix a 7+ years old bug in Chaos Calmer for you (assuming it's actually in CC), but feel free to do it yourself, or as you've already done, ask Qualcomm.

It's not, even current master doesn't support ipq807x, yet. What you're looking at is some kind of vendor firmware, derived from Qualcomm's QSDK, which in turn borrowed from OpenWrt 15.05, but a lot of things (especially the most important ones, kernel, drivers, configuration, etc.) have been replaced with (semi-)proprietary variants - it has nothing in common with the OpenWrt 15.05.x as we knew it.

yes, there are pending efforts to add this target, which are already working quite well.

OK, thank you very much for telling me this. Maybe I have to think of some other ways to solve this problem.

I've been communicating with Qualcomm, but I haven't been given a good solution.