Qbitorrent torrent client


I instead of using transmission, is it possible to use Qbittorent? I downloaded from entware, but I don't know how to use it from web.

I would like torrenting from web interface and use it remotely sometimes.

I prefer Qbittorent vs others...


Do it yourself: https://github.com/KryptonLee/qBittorrent-openwrt-package

It's "possible" but it requires both Qt and boost which are both quite large libraries for devices that OpenWrt mainly targets so there are no actively maintained ports.

I have used Transmission via DD-WRT on a Netgear WNDR3700 V4 and it is resource hungry and causes freezes. You can't download more than a few at a time. At least that was my personal experience.

I went back to using Qbittorrent on a laptop.

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this is what I have in qbittorent log:

(N) 2020-06-09T04:49:56 - qBittorrent v4.1.9.1 started
(N) 2020-06-09T04:49:56 - qBittorrent v4.1.9.1 started
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:56 - qBittorrent is trying to listen on any interface port: 8999
(N) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Peer ID: -qB4191-
(N) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - HTTP User-Agent is 'qBittorrent/'
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - DHT support [ON]
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Local Peer Discovery support [ON]
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - PeX support [ON]
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Anonymous mode [OFF]
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Encryption support [ON]
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Embedded Tracker [OFF]
(I) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - UPnP / NAT-PMP support [ON]
(W) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Couldn't load GeoIP database. Reason: No such file or directory
(N) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Using built-in Web UI.
(W) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Couldn't load Web UI translation for selected locale (C).
(C) 2020-06-09T04:49:57 - Web UI: Unable to bind to IP: *, port: 9080. Reason: The bound address is already in use

Adjusting qbittorrent

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