Python3-yaml for host?

I am needing the build system host to have access to python3-yaml. I've got python3/host as a HOST_BUILD_DEPENDS, but it doesn't seem to have the yaml component available to it.

The packages DEPENDS includes +python3 +python3-yaml +python3-yaml-src, and I can see the generated libraries for libyaml, but the host can't see or utilize the yaml during the build.

Any suggestions?

There is something like CONFIG_PACKAGE_python-packages-list-host where you can manually add the packages you want on the host. I didn't find any example of this being used as a dependency though which I suspect is what you want.
So, if you look into lang/python/python-packages/Makefile, it seems the magic comes down to:

$(call Build/Compile/HostPyRunHost,,$(HOST_PYTHON_PIP_INSTALL_HOST) $(pkg))

I'd say that's something you should be able to use in your own Makefile to add the python-yaml package to the host.

If the above is not successful, you could always try to add python-yaml to the python Makefile directly. I believe the packages initially built on the host are listed in makefiles in the following directory:


They are subsequently included and built in lang/python/python3/Makefile:

include ./files/python3-package-*.mk