Python3-cryptography dependencies

Hello everyone, I'm new to OpenWrt. I'm working with a VoCore2 with limited storage space, and I need to install the python3-cryptography package. However, one of the dependencies of that package is the full python3 package.

According to the makefile for the cryptography package ( there are only a few real dependencies, including python3-light instead of the full python3.

Is it possible to have the dependencies for the OpenWrt python3-cryptography package updated to only include the minimum dependencies? Am I incorrect about the minimum dependencies? Any help or insight would be appreciated.

To clarify, when I say install, I mean using opkg.

I'm getting

on Snapshot version.


For snapshot versions the dependencies are correct. I don't know if the dependencies differ to release version. I would assume so.

If you look into the makefile history there was a makefile "cleanup":

Maybe there is a bug in release version?

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You are confusing the master and stable branches:


Thanks for the quick replies!

@pwned good point on the makefile commit history, it was just updated recently.

@vgaetera you are correct, I am mixing up the branches.

This helps me understand what I'm working with. Thanks for the help!