Puzzle vscode to OpenWrt IDE Tools

Targets: configure vscode for openwrt development, do anything in one place.


  1. open a project folder in vscode: e.g. luci-app-example.

  2. open a Terminal window in vscode on the project root directory.

  3. config a group of vscode keyboard-shortcuts for the commands:

    ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a
    make menuconfig
    make -j5
    make -j1 V=s package/luci-app-example/{clean,prepare,compile}
    ssh root@ "cat > /tmp/openwrt.bin" < ~/targetCodePath/openwrt........sysupgrade.bin
    ssh root@
    sysupgrade -v /tmp/openwrt.bin

(auto terminal-run the cmd or just put the string in terminal)

refer to:

4. anything else

Although, the best way is someone develops a smart plug-in vscode extension for the "OpenWrt IDE", but it needs much much job-time.

I put the idea here, I do not know how to config/setup for this by now, pls comment/help on it, thanks.
Maybe you have the other better methods.

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Or integrated those cmds into the mouse right-click menu, to speeding the usage.

Easy jobs! There are many ready-to-use vscode extensions in there!
Just search "terminal commands" in the extensions explorer.

I only tested two of them, found this one is not bad, already met my requirements:

Something like this:

and this:

no need CLI typing cmds again and again.