Pushing dts upstream

I'm asking why the dts in openwt are not pushed to the kernel upstream. License problem? They would be rejected?

Can i try to push the ipq806x dtsi for example?

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What makes you think that they are not?
License is not an issue as its gotta be GPLv2 compatible anyway.

so it's just laziness/not interest ?

In most cases it's probably a mixture of too many out-of-tree patches required (e.g. ath79 is probably still in a dilemma, with ag71xx (and more) not quite being ready), combined with a combination of inertia and probably an inability to properly test it outside of the OpenWrt eco-system.


Naturally you can try.

But like @slh said, there are lots of OpenWrt specific patches, like for ipq806x:

If you push DTS upstream, you should naturally push DTS that looks ok from the upstream perspective, without using features created/modified in unpushed OpenWrt patches. (tsens driver, etc.), unless you push them first :wink:

Naturally it would be really great to have as much in upstream as possible.

What about the LED aliases that are OpenWrt specific?
eg https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/2925/files

Is there an alternative way to do this that doesn't involve modifying the dts, or would we need to patch them in?

Well its usually due to a lot of OpenWrt specific stuff.

Usually DTSI-es are kept as close to mainline and/or upstreamed.

Per device DTS files are hard to upstream as you need to have patches for each one again, so its easier to keep them as files

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So for example the ipq8065 dtsi should be pushable since all the changes in there are supported upstream (pci fixed and usb driver supported)

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Yeah, thats what I mean.
Practice is to push changes upstream as well as DTSI, then its really not hard to maintain local DTS files.

Its just thst you need to push every change individually.