Purpose of WDT_RST_N Pin of MT7621

I have a SoM of mt7621 where there is a pin named WDT_RST_N which is physically the pin 18 of mt7621. I need to know what is the purpose of it and is there any hardware reset pin available for MT7621?

that looks like it's reset pin seems to be hooked up to an external reset chip on this schematic

Watchdog Reset

Thanks a lot for your response, another thing to know , how I can enable the watchdog pin as a watchdog pulse generator. in my board this pin used as reset pin and connected to a push button with pullup resisto.

just to note i have not programmed this chip
so I'm only going by what I read in the data sheets posted above

the WDT_RST_N pins is controlled by the "WDT_RST_MODE" register
with options of WDT_RST_N , GPIO#18 or REFCLK0_OUT
I did a quick search for the programmer guide but didn't find it
I think this would have the resister location & better information on register bit selection

just found this
bit labels seem to be different