Purpose of urngd?


I've recently upgraded to 19.07.2 from x.1
I've noticed urngd in the startup list now, so I looked into it.
If I'm correct it's a random number generator.
Why do I need something running like that?
If for DHCP, how do I change it back to linear assignments?

Thank you friends

commit explanation; best left in place imo.


dnsmasq assigns DHCP addresses by hashing the MAC address, so the same client is likely to get the same IP every time, unless it is already taken.

They are not random.


Thank you and I agree to leave it alone.

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Thank you, mk,
That's cool how that works now, but then why do we need a random number generator?

Short answer is router cryptography; google entropy.


And now the good question should be how it differs from haveged? :wink:

ha, not going to get dragged into that one :hushed:

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