Pulseaudio: access denied


as it is customary (for me) on every new system I struggle again with pulseaudio.

I have a new install of openwrt 22.03.5 and have a usb-soundcard that works fine with alsa:

"aplay test.wav" plays sound.

The pulseaudio service starts, however if I try "paplay test.wav" I get "Connection failure: Access denied".

I get this for all pulseaudio-tools, so eg "pacmd list sinks" results in the same error.

I have tried to add "load-module module-native-protocol-unix auth-group=pulse-access" to /etc/pulse/system.pa, create a "pulse-access" group and add my user to that group but that did not fix the problem...

Does anyone know how to configure this?
I need pulseaudio for bluetooth-streaming in case you wonder.

Many thanks!

Same problem here. Did you figure it out?

I did figure it out eventually but I can't remember what exactly it was - but it's working now...