Pulling 'linuxserver/plex' Docker Image

Hi all,

I am trying to install plex media server on my openwrt build. I'm running it on an old laptop with a quad-core intel processor with 8GB RAM and an SSD, so it should be capable to run the media server.

Now, the problem is with even trying to pull the image. Every time I try to pull, I get an error of a bad gateway.

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 18.03.42

I've been trying to scour the issue and it seems like no one has experienced it, but I refuse to believe that. I attempted to pull a different image (hello-world) and it pulled just fine. So I'm wondering what's wrong. I'm new to OpenWrt, and docker config, but I've been able to install docker and it's dependencies.

EDIT: I managed to work this out by using terminal instead of Web. Why it didn't occur to me to try that out first I can only chalk up to noobness