Public wifi internet to router wan interface

I am looking for a doc if any to set up from the public wifi internet to router wan internet on OpenWrt router example if you are in a hotel room, Thanks.


I have managed to bring up the travelmate link but the internet speed is extremely slow, side by side speedtest, the travelmate get 10% speed, if i connect with lan cable, i get the full speed of my currrent internet.

Can you better explain your setup?

I'm not sure how a LAN cable got involved with WiFi in the hotel. Do you mean that:

  • using the hotel's WiFi is slower than a wall connection they offer...or
  • that your device using the OpenWrt's WiFi while connected to the hotel's AP - is 90% slower compared to just
    A. connecting the device directly to the hotel AP or
    B. LAN port on the OpenWrt?

If the latter, a slight (depending on the channel congestion) is expected. Why - because you Tx/Rx to the hotel's AP - then Rx/Tx to the client. When wired to your OpenWrt's LAN ports, you're only Tx/Rx to the hotel's AP

I did my testing at the workplace, and I meant a side-by-side speed test comparison vs a cellphone wifi speed test, the router is linked up to a TravelMate wifi connection, and the result is bad.

If the router is connected with lan to the internet directly, the speed is awesome.

So you're saying:

Test A: cell phone connected via WiFi to OpenWrt - and OpenWrt connect via WiFi to work AP (bad result :x: 10%)
Test B: cell phone directly connect to work AP (good result :white_check_mark: 100% - control)

I still don't see how a LAN cable is involved. BTW, if you're using different methods/devices to tests, I'm not sure of the control baseline for comparison. Nonetheless, OK. A slight decrease is expected - what were the results in Mbps?

Yes you are right, the test scenario 2 (Travelmate switched off), the Work lan internet is connected to the OpenWrt router, and the router internet speedtest is returned to normal...

What are your speeds in absolute Mbps terms? How fast is the hardware, what make/model are you using for OpenWrt? Is your direct test cell phone operating on 5 GHz but the OpenWrt router on 2.4?

Realize that at least a 50% speed drop is to be expected when the same radio is receiving data then retransmitting it. It will be even worse if the radio channel is congested. Using a cable for the LAN link (from OpenWrt to the endpoint device) will avoid this.


I am using Netgear R6220, the tests were on 2.4G, I can understand the signal drop during the radio transmission, this is something out of my expectation, or is something going wrong with my setup?

This is the TravelMate link Signal/Noise and RX Rate / TX Rate, it looks like Travelmate issue needs to be addressed.


@daleylay - What are your speed test results?

Can you better describe the issue you're showing in the pic?

I see nothing wrong with the screenshot you displayed - personally, I haven't seen anything wrong yet, perhaps others could look/respond as time passes.

~10mb vs 100mb, Travelmate on OpenWrt router vs work AP router based on the cell phone wifi speedtest.

This is to tell the OpenWrt gets a good signal from the same work AP router, so that should be nothing wrong with the work ap wifi connection to the OpenWrt router wifi.

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