Public bookmark post

Is there is any way to publicly bookmark posts in threads.
Marking as solution is one method, but it closes the thread in 10days and there can be multiple posts which should be bookmarked for future public reference.
Not everything can be added to wiki.

AFAIK, there isn't a feature for this in the discourse software. @tmomas would likely know if this exists and if it is something that could be enabled on this forum. It would be a nice addition because you're right -- a solution may be multiple posts in scope.

Although not elegant, a way you could achieve the stated goal would be to add a post in the thread with the links to each of the relevant posts (you can link to individual posts in a thread by clicking the link button that is exposed when you hit the (...) button under that post. If the thread is yours, you could edit the OP with all of those links, or you could simply link to a post with those links. Obviously be sure to leave the original question/issue in place for the benefit of future readers.

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