PTP on TSN Xiaomi ax3600

I am doing a bit of a testing with Wifi6 of this router and want to integrate the router into the network. I am considerably new with OpenWrt and am trying to flash the customised firmware/kernel onto it, as the PTP clock was not enable in the official firmware. Is it possible to just upgrade the kernel while maintaining access to ssh with either mtd/sysupgrade/opkg command? I am very grateful for all the pointer or hints that you guys can provide :slight_smile:

You got a hint for your question here:

Why open another thread if your question was answered!

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Hi thanks for mentioning this to me. That was the first tools I came across in this forum and that was very helpful for me to start messing with the router. I did try to use different kernel version with the mentioned tools, newer and older ones to see whether the router would boot from it, while also retaining the function of the official firmware, which failed. The kernel for both the official fimware is version 4.4.6, while I am trying to upgrade it to 5 or above. If I missed something than I would be very grateful if you could point me to the right direction and apologize for disturbing you.