Proxytunnel package?

I'm grateful that openssh-client is available as a package, so I can use its ProxyCommand=... option. Alas, the excellent [proxytunnel] command, which is in the Debian repositories, is not available via opkg. I need proxytunnel in order to fix a problem I'm having with one of the ISPs my remote routers use. (I have to make an ssh reverse tunnel (that the router creates in a cron job) appear to be an https connection to my webserver. Proxytunnel lets me do that on my Debian machines; it's really quite a useful piece of software. But proxytunnel does not appear to be available in OpenWRT.)

Can I interest anyone in creating such a package? Proxytunnel's source code apparently hasn't changed since 2008, it works perfectly, and it's pretty popular.

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desperately want this feature or porting on openwrt.

Yeah, if you need proxytunnel, you really need it. I've found that there's literally no other way to maintain a router via the internet if the router's access to the internet is AT&T fiber-to-home in North Carolina, USA. (Unless it's via a host that's behind the router that's maintaining a reverse ssh channel via proxytunnel, i.e., all the way around the barn! That's what we're doing now. It's inconvenient and fragile.) We have big problems in the USA with our lack of net neutrality. AT&T is simply terminating connections that ((don't originate at the home or aren't connections to webservers) AND have already carried more than a few hundred kilobytes). Ssh? Forget about it.