Proxy server comparisons

I am considering using a proxy server to do a robust access control/parental control and ad locking.

I want to run the proxy server on the router itself (it’s a good quality router with 512 MB of ram). I will run the proxy non transparently (as https support is a must). If possible I would also like the proxy to allow doing user authentication so that I can taylor the access control list to each user. I will not do caching as this requires external storage, and that’s not my goal.

On the OpenWrt’s documentation on the subject, I can see 3 main candidates: squid, privoxy and tinyproxy.

Can anyone comment on the quality and performance of these packages, to help me decide which one I should try?

privoxy is mainly for content checking/adaption; tinyproxy could work for your purpose, but does only support http 1.0, AFAIK, therefore having quite some performance impact.
However, it is by far much easier to learn and to use compared to best solution, which is squid.
As you are new to this area, start with tinyproxy.

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Thanks for that.

Yeah, squid seems a bit scary from the description on the openWrt documentation :confused:

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