Provide IPv6 to LAN Question NOT using an tunnel

I currently use an tunnel and that enables IPv6 to my LAN clients behind the OpenWRT router, with the only issue being high latency.

I have an IPv6 /23 assigned to me - type (ASSIGNED, ALLOCATED-BY-LIR) and have an ASN registered with RIPE. I get much better latency to the Vultr VM in Germany from which I announce routes.

Is it possible to assign a /56 from the Germany Vultr VM's /23 to my OpenWRT router so the LAN clients can get IPv6 from this instead of and thus route IPv6 traffic via Vultr Germany instead?

This is confusing, via BGP or VPN?

  • If by BGP, they're your IP addresses, so you'd have to ask your ISP.
  • If by VPN, there shouldn't be any reason you cannot run a VPN between the two devices you control.

What does this have to do with OpenWrt?
What does this have to do with HE net?

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I could do BGP, I wished to know my alternate options on OpenWRT.
A VPN would be the other way, but I'm not clear on how to give the OpenWRT router the prefixes it needs to provide IPv6 to the LAN.

The same as any other router.

Static routes to the Interface connected via VPN. Simple.

If you run a wireguard VPN tunnel between your data-center and your home and allocate a static prefix, you should be able to just place that static prefix on your LAN and tunnel it over the wireguard tunnel.

On your OpenWrt LAN just set it up as a static IP and static prefix. On the WAN set it up as ipv4 only with no HE tunnel. Then set up the wireguard VPN, and provide a static route to the IPv6 internet going over the wireguard tunnel.

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