Pros and Cons of Adopting Community-built Firmware in your Production Network

Looking below seams like Someone has been treated unfairly by the thought gestapo.

This must seemed like civilized to you, then. I would have taken it as a threat.
Sometimes it takes attititude or a bit of nut to wake people up.

I love (and am getting a kick out of) the
imparciality of the leaders of the forum in control of booting anybody off the forums that tickles their fancy just because they can.

Are these forums being delicately policed or are the forum leaders too delicate or are pushing their own agendas. I see two camps. One wanting to silence users and not be open-minded, the other willing to build upon a open and free discussion. This is not an mma fight full of rules, nor is it a street fight.

Let's talk, not fight. Let's not ban people either or act as thought police in order to water down someone's argument.

The problem/uselessness of community builds is a serious issue looking at it from any angle. Besides subjecting yourself to malicious anti-featured, it is similar to wasting someone's precious flash write cycles with firmware which will soon be upgraded for simply not being upgradeable or stagnant in terms of further customizing etc.

I liked the mailing list point. We need to be more active here and pick up bugs faster or at least acknowledge they exist. I can think of one right now. LuCi vs uhttpd2? Although I don't need it, was it resolved because as I read, it almost got brushed under a rug.

This can be compared to when my users nag me that my internet is slow and let then my ego answer, 'That can't be true, we have a surplus of bandwidth", when from the client's point of view you need to fix a serious bottleneck.

Maybe it's time OpenWrt took a leap forward and joined or got help from other GNU linux organizations in the hope of improving it's support to it's fanbase.
Or at least listen to it's most loyal users (people withb (maybe production networks) while boosting it's influence as a distro in the real world in order to expand it's user base.

We should not need to depend on community builds.
We need to have a stable, dev, and testing branches to compile with like in QMP but obvious ugly bugs neednto get resolved in days not weeks.

Let's not be on a power trip here fellas and ban users just for fun.
Freedom? Of speech not. I wish we could just
start get serious about the issue at hand, validation of private firmwares.

Nonetheless, I love OpenWrt and appreciate all you Devs and yourhard work. Stay close to your users
but be carefull of impartialism.

On one post some time ago I noticed one community firmware builder (LEDE days) acusing of someone promoting a potentially dangerous backdoor-ridden firmware called SUPERWRT while promoting his own. Didn't back up his claim. What makes his firmware better thanbhis or worse.
Does the SuperWrt get banned while his gets backed by the OpenWrt forum subsection of community builds.
Something like politics or favoritism.

Sounds to me like discrediting some to bolster one's own image or protecting one's own interest (or fw).

This could get out of hand and soon the forums will be filled with custom firmware uploads and everybody saying their firmware is better than the next guy. Similar to dirty politics.

Isn't this is what this is all about?
Being popular, so why did that uncivil behaviour I mentioned get banned. He called the other guy a pusher of malicious firmware and hurt his feelings while promoting his as the "way to go".

Wireless Freedom. Get it to the base so we don't need to see another jump from DD to L (EDE).

openwrt home user of small node of Wifreenity network

Hi. You're a guest on this system. Guests don't make the rules.

You have made your point. We get it: we all have to determine our own level of comfort and trust with the source of any software we run.

You have no obligation to "save people from themselves". Writing longer, more angry or disgruntled screeds won't strengthen your argument.

Please stop hectoring the people who are doing the work on OpenWrt, so they can continue to make the project better. Thank you.


Users are not banned for fun, or just because a moderator doesn't like a specific person.
Users are banned because other users massively complain about them.

Your freedom ends when you are doing nothing else but getting on other peoples nerves.