Proposal for AP and possible Modem/Router

OK, modem/ router is probably out of topic but this is what I need right now: Change my CPR with something "better" and also change the AP.

My setup is like this:

Internet <--> CPE/Wifi <-> Switch <-> AP ....

My internet speed is 100/10 VDSL, but it looks like the aging Zyxel has some troubles with it with small packets/browsing. Speed is good with I download large files and or streaming.

But WiFi suffers. The Zuxel will probably be replaced with a TP-link VR2100, just because it seems to be acceptable in terms of capabilities, although I canNot use VLANs. If someone has a proposal with AC wifi, 300Mbps download speed, VLANs and bridge mode I would appreciate it!

However, it's the AP creates a lot off headaches to me.
First of all, I need a device that is capable for VLANs, guest WiFi networks, MU-Mimo and can support 1-2 clients on the Gbit Ethernet. The difficult parts comes from the need to be supported by openWRTand be able to flash it without accessing the MB.

My budget is around 170 euros, but I can go up to 200-22 if the proposed solution is the correct one.
In my list I have the TP-link vr2100 as the modem and the Tp-link ac 80 for the AP, or the AX53

Supported AX devices

The RT3200 and WAX202 are probably the most common ones, among the users.

Remember, a router can be used as an AP too.