Proper way to throttle guest network bandwidth

So my plan is to have Two APs setup one primary and one guest ( Im going to use a different ip rang for guest network ) , one thing that Im yet to figure out properly is how to manage bandwidth between the two...
think of my network as a coffee shop , I want the bandwidth to be for example guaranteed 1mb/s for my employees and the rest for the customers (if i could spread bandwidth evenly between each customer it would be nice too)..

so tl:dr:
one ssid for me >> I want to have a guaranteed bandwidth
another one for guests >> this one gets whatever is left BUT if bandwidth spreads evenly between guests that would be brilliant ...


You should give this a try:

Step 5 is your go. (wshaper)

But as the warning says: wondershaper is not recommended anymore, if you're motivated enough, you should follow this guide instead: :wink:

Good luck!

Use sqm-scripts / luci-app-sqm. Activate SQM on the guest network for somewhat less than the ISP speed. Another instance of SQM on the WAN connection itself should also be used in almost any case.

if your second router uses a different ip-range, it will likely do nat and therefore you will be guaranted half of the bandwidth if you just setup sqm-pieceofcake on the wan interface of your primary router (because it will do equal sharing of bw out of the box)

explicit throttling is neither required nor recommended in most cases.
try the simple way first and have a coffee :slight_smile:

i have one router planing to have 2 different ssids ...
i will try sqm and see how it goes...
i appreciate all the replies...

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