Proper method to disable IPv6 on LEDE

What is the proper method to disable IPv6 for all interfaces on LEDE?
Thus far I did:

Interfaces>WAN6 and unchecked "bring up on boot." What else is required?


If you know how to compile your own custom image.
There is an option in menuconfig to disable ipv6 entirely for all packages.

I personally unchecked all references to IPv6 and deleted WAN6.

I'm not sure what remaining IPv6 you'd see (or concerns you), but:

  • Disabling WAN6 should stop native IPv6 Internet from your ISP on WAN
  • You can remove the ULA prefix from the Interfaces page
  • Remove the IPv6 address and prefix from all interfaces
  • Disable RA/DHCPv6 on all Interfaces
  • You can also disable IPv6 routing in sysctrl.conf