Proof of concept question for supporting home VPN usage

Is there a relativley realistic proof of concept I can perform to demonstrate that a VPN-enabled router will permit ordinary video and audio streaming?

This proof would be conducted with existing network equipment and my Macbook and PIxel Android phone. Easiest VPN to use in my existing NordVPN account but am open to trying a different VPN provider.

Before ordering any equipment, It'd be nice to prove/disprove feasibility....

What do you want to do? Have your OW router connect to your VPN provider so all devices behind that router appear from an alternative IP address and can thus stream region restricted stuff? If so, yes, that will work. POC would be adding an interface such as wireguard and a firewall zone. Not sure if this is on the wiki, away from home to look.

Sorry I was not clearer. I will be in the UK as a visitor and want to make it easy for my host to watch US services like Netflix or Disney.

I'm from the US thus unfamiliar with the kinds of roadblocks that a UK ISP or US content provider may put in the way.

If possible, I want to test connecting their TV to some VPN without first buying and setting up a VPN router.

Many streaming services specifically block access via VPNs (as a function of the content regional licensing and other regional considerations). So using a commercial VPN may be hit or miss, depending on the service.

It's usually not the ISPs you need to worry about, but rather the streaming service provider. And yes, regional offerings are often different, but the VPN may not help your situation as I mentioned above.

The way I handle this, personally, is that I use a VPN endpoint at my home and then I have a travel router which establishes a tunnel to my home VPN endpoint. When I'm abroad, the effective connection appears to be from my home (and not a commercial VPN provider), so things work normally.

Do you already own an OpenWrt capable router? it's not hard to setup a VPN on OpenWrt.
If not, you could use a virtual machine on your computer with OpenWrt, but the physical connections to the TV can be challenging (unless your system has multiple ethernet ports).

Thx, Peter. On mobile so briefly:

  • Yr comment about how US content providers try to control use from abroad most helpful. I might try to design a little test using the MacBook if not too arduous.

  • V interesting, your tunneling set up. Not possible for me just now but will keep in mind for future.

  • No, I have no openWRT capable router.