“prometheus-node-exporter-lua” is crashing in loop

Hi, I have just installed a new switch: Netgear GS108Tv3 with OpenWrt and I already have the GS308Tv1 with OpenWrt, both are working fine but on the new one (GS108Tv3) I can’t export the metrics because prometheus-node-exporter-lua is crashing constantly:

Sat Jun  1 17:18:50 2024 daemon.err uhttpd[4090]: Error initializing /usr/bin/prometheus-node-exporter-lua Lua handler: /usr/lib/lua/prometheus-collectors/netclass.lua:1: module 'ubus' not found:
Sat Jun  1 17:18:55 2024 daemon.err uhttpd[4092]: Error initializing /usr/bin/prometheus-node-exporter-lua Lua handler: /usr/lib/lua/prometheus-collectors/netclass.lua:1: module 'ubus' not found:
Sat Jun  1 17:18:55 2024 daemon.info procd: Instance prometheus-node-exporter-lua::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash

While on the other switch all is fine and working.

I noticed that the new switch has a also a new release of prometheus-node-exporter-lua installed:

Old switch: prometheus-node-exporter-lua 2022.06.12-1

New switch: prometheus-node-exporter-lua 2022.08.08-1

How can I fix this? Can I copy/paste the two files


From one switch to the other via ssh or how can install a different version of the prometheus exporter to the new switch?


Edit: well I thought that I can also simply download/wget the old ipk and install it? Maybe? But where is a repository with old ipk packages?

Edit 2: damn, I just found why on the new switch there’s a different/newer Prometheus-lua-exporter release:
new switch OpenWrt 23.05.3
old switch OpenWrt 22.03.5

I missed it because the numbers are only inverted :zipper_mouth_face:
Then it’s a bug in prometheus-node-exporter-lua I’ll on OpenWrt 23!

I’ll try to upgrade to a snapshot of the 23 or downgrade to 22 (I know that I don’t…)

Fixed alone, I installed the latest snapshot release, then I found a new prometheus-exporter package on r23, this:


Installed it and now it works.

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