Process for re-flashing bootloader on bricked DLink

I've got a DLINK router that I bricked attempting to put some firmware on. It's bricked because of issues with the bootloader, so I can't access recovery mode and need to re-flash the bootloader. I've got a copy of the stock bootloader from the OpenWrt page on my device, but I'm not sure where to go from there.

I have access to a chip programmer, but I feel like I need to flash more than just the bootloader. How do I combine the U-Boot binary with the rest of the stock firmware?

You didn't mention your device neither in topic nor in your post.

Bootloader is one part. Another part are the device flash rom partitions (usually mtd).
If you don't have a full dump of this partitions it will be hard to get the device back to work using a flash programmer. So you would need someone who own this device and is kind enough to give the dump to you.

But the first question would be: "What is the output of a serial connection to the device if you startup the device? Do you have a serial connector? A Raspberrypi would be possible also.

Typically you also need a device-specific wifi calibration data, which you need to extract from your current chip. Hopefully you have not overwritten it.

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Fortunately I got it, somehow only the bootloader got overwritten. It's fixed now - I just inserted the bootloader binary at the start of the file I pulled from flash and it worked!

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