PROCD service -- how to push status to ubus?

I want to keep a short "last ran status" in ubus for my PROCD service.

Is it possible?

Are there services doing that which code I could peruse?


Basically upon successful (or unsuccessful) run, I want to store a string of the "last ran status" (within ubus?) so that on the next run attempt I could retrieve it.

I may not be using the correct terms, but I hope the gist of what I'm trying to do is understandable.

Until this commit ( I've "misused" procd/adblock like you've mentioned. Since that I save all relevant runtime information in a simple json file.

Thanks for your prompt reply Dirk. Why is it a bad idea to store it in ubus?

The idea is quite OK (from my limited perspective), but I've never found a reliable way to update the data section without destroying the dependent trigger information.

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Thank you for your comment, based on it I ended up pushing/pulling data from a special status instance:

@jow -- any way I can get rid of the:

13:44:16 procd: Not starting instance simple-adblock::status, command not set
13:44:16 procd: Not starting instance simple-adblock::instance1, command not set

messages in the system log? I'm using PROCD for features outside of demonization.

I think the only way to get rid of this warning is to provide a dummy command, something like procd_set_param command /bin/true