Procd in lxc container (running openwrt in the container)

Hi I have an openwrt lxc container that run on an openwrt based router. I create the container, include my service, and include procd, but procd seems to be dependent on ubus. procd seems to segfault when it tries to connect to ubus (or load the libubus .so file ( not sure)). Is there a way to run procd in a lxc container on openwrt ?
What I want to do: I want my program/service in the openwrt lxc container to be started when the container start. Now I do it with a script, but I want something like procd to baby sit it.

Please don't suggest LXD.

I make the (privileged) LXC container this way, in case anyone wonders:

git clone -b openwrt-21.02 openwrt-qemu-arm
make menuconfig: ->Target -> QEMU ARM Virtual Machine
The subtarget should now say; QEMU ARM Virtual Machine (Cortext-a15)

Then I remove the /etc/preinit folder from the rootfs (or else it will start services (like the firewall) and mount overlayfs, which then is duplicated), and add a config file with bindings to the host system.