Problems with xl2tpd's redial function

I'm new on openwrt. My device is Xiaomi 4A(100m edition), I',m useing the firmware from the official website. And I'm using xl2tpd package to realize the connection to Internet by l2tp. But when the l2tp disconnected by some situation(It may take a few hours), it wouldn't redial automatically. I've seen xl2tpd's redial option in some other linux based os. But I didn't find it in /etc/xl2tpd/xl2tpd.conf. So where is the option, or there isn't the option in xl2tpd package of openwrt?

  • Did you add it?

It seems this is what's needed - based on a simple web search:

redial = yes
redial timeout = 1
autodial = yes
  • Is there a reason you didn't use copy/paste...or even screenshot from the computer itself?

Sorry, I had seen this, but I don't know where to insert that, under [lac left], or [ins default]? I'm really a newbie on linux.

Try one then the other?

(As I noted, I did a simple web search, I'm sure the manual is available online too...or hopefully someone else with more intimate knowledge of the software will respond soon. :pray: )

(If you mean you don't know how to edit in vi try nano.)

Surely i know how to use vi. Now I put it under the [lac left], but right now I don't have access to verify if it's useful. I would know that when it's broken again maybe. (I'm not sure wheter its redial function will work if i pull the cable out of the WAN)

try to edit
vi /etc/config/network
find your vpn (l2tp) interface
add this :

option checkup_interval '3'
option keepalive '10'

this is my device config (example):
config interface 'VPN'

	option proto 'l2tp'
	option username '***'
	option password '***'
	option checkup_interval '3'
	option keepalive '10'
	option delegate '0'
	option ipv6 '0'
	option peerdns '0'
	option dns ''
	option force_link '1'
	option mtu '1200'
	option server '*.*.*.*'

hope it will be useful. :slight_smile: