Problems with update

Hello guys
I have OpenWrt on a Nanostation M2 and I cannot update the packages, apparently it is a problem with the gateway. I use an LHG5 to receive with gateway and the Nano as AP with IP, putting this gateway in the Nano it still does not update. What should I do? If you can send a reply to my email, I would appreciate it.
Greetings from Cuba

Do you have also set a dns server?


Just to make sure you don’t mess things up... it is perfectly fine to use opkg update followed by opkg install. But do not use opkg upgrade unless you know exactly what you are doing and are willing to take the risk that it could hose your setup.


You probably need to set a gateway if your access point's IP hasn't been assigned through DHCP.

My /etc/config/network looks like this:

option ipaddr ''
option gateway ''
option dns ''