Problems with the firmware OpenWrt ax820

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I'm having problems with the firmware of yuncore ax820 and I would like to know if you can help me. I used the image available from the OpenWRT community, changing it to a .ubin extension, and uploaded it to my access point via TFTP, replacing the manufacturer's original firmware. However, after doing this I had the following problems:

The access point does not propagate wifi signal.
I cannot access my access point via SSH.
I cannot ping my computer to my access point.

I'm using serial communication to see what's going on.
Through serial communication I was able to access the Openwrt firmware, but I tried to change the settings of the "wireless" and "network" configuration files to see if I could solve the problems mentioned above, but without success.

I also tried to create a custom firmware for my applications, adding packages that I usually use, including the "LUCI" GUI packages. But when trying to load on my access points I had the same problems as I mentioned earlier. The firmware I customized and the firmware available from the OpenWRT community give me the same issues. Could you show me a way to solve these problems? The logs are at the link
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dmesg indicates your unplugging and reconnecting the cable of the port openwrt defined as wan, you're never going to get any kind of reply there.

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Yes connect your PC to the other port.

Thanks for the answers.

In the first scenario, I connected a POE port of my POE switch to the POE port of my AP AX820 and I connected a LAN port of my POE switch to the Ethernet port of my PC.
And the results were the ones I mentioned earlier.

Now I connected my AX820 AP's LAN port to my PC's Ethernet port and I was able to access the AX820 via ssh on ip
I still have problems that I couldn't solve yesterday.

My AX820 AP still does not propagate the Wi-Fi signal. I tried editing the etc/config/ files to connect my AX820 to my home's main router and get internet access, but I couldn't.
I'm trying to connect the internet with the AX820 AP to update it and install LUCI as explained in the OpenWRT documentation at this link:

Originally my etc/config files look like this:

I tried to modify these files to get internet connection but I couldn't.

Could you tell me why my AX820 is not propagating a Wi-FI signal and how should I connect it to my main router to get internet access?

The PoE port is the wan and if you connect it to a network which has access to the Internet, the router should reach the Internet using that wired connection. OpenWrt defaults to wan being a DHCP client, so if you have a typical home network with a DHCP server, it will just work.

Unless the IP range of the other network is also, in which case you need to change the LAN IP of the OpenWrt router to something else so that routing will work properly. The LAN and WAN subnets cannot overlap.