Problems with OpenWrt installation on DAP-2610

Hello, I have a DAP-2610, it had the manufacturer's system, when I install openwrt everything is fine, but when I restart the computer everything returns to the factory settings, any help.

Thank you

When you restart the DAP-2610?

If so, run sysupgrade.

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sorry I wrote wrong, it's when I restart the router, it returns to default config

did you run the sysupgrade process using the sysupgrade image after the initial installation of OpenWrt?

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Problem solved, that's what I applied sysupgrade with the sysupgrade image and everything ok, thank you very much

You're welcome. Glad it is solved. FWIW, that's what @lleachii was recommending, but I just asked the same thing in the form of a question... lol

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