Problems with lan speed

Hello. So, I've been using openwrt for a year or two and have been happy with the performance, but I am having an issue with lan speeds over sshfs. I am getting transfer speeds at around 1-2 megabytes per second. With iperf I get normal lan transfer rates between 30-60 megabytes per second. For a while this problem was intermittent (sometimes between 5-6 and at other times between 50-60). Initially I thought there was some issue with the ssh connection, but after testing a number of different parameters and encryption schemes, I thought I would test my connection with openwrt to make sure that isn't the culprit. Both the server and the client are running up to date GNU / Linux (Arch Linux). I have tested with sqm on and off, and changing to different queuing disciplines but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I am reading more about signal interference (one end is wifi the other is lan), but I'm worried that this too is a dead-end. Has anyone had an issue similar to this? Any tips or things to try?

Are both of the computers you are using on the same network? If so, there is little that openwrt can impact since lan traffic is switched, not router (it never reaches the cpu).

If they are in the same network, do you have a basic Ethernet switch (preferably gigabit) that you can use to eliminate the router from the equation (both computers would be directly connected to the switch, the router would also be connected, but none of the traffic between the two computers would ever hit the switch built into the router)

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Yes. Both computers are on the same lan. I do not have a separate switch. Since iperf gives me normal speeds and scp/sshfs gives me awful speeds, I am looking into ssh again. I am starting to think that this is some sort of bug with libssh library or similar.

So, I tested iperf again and I am getting horrible speeds there too (around 1-4 megabytes per second). So, I am back to thinking that there is something setup incorrectly on the router firmware.

I would not immediately assume it is openwrt (it could be, but it seems a bit unlikely because this is a switch issue - only if there is a bug in the switch chip driver or configuration would this be related to the os on the router.

I’d recommend buying or borrowing an inexpensive gigabit switch

Also, replace your cables just in case there is a problem with them.

Edit: I should add that is is possible that your router hardware is failing. But I’d start by trying a switch. Or you could even directly connect the two systems if you set static up addresses on them.