Problems with DNS servers on wireless/Archer C20

Hello, I set up LEDE about a month ago, everything was working perfectly with my preferred SQM settings, however now I have stumbled across a problem. My wireless has a problem with its DNS servers. First of all, let me explain my config to you. I have a Technicolor modem, which is my IPS provided modem, and it has a DSL cable which is connected to wall. The Technicolor modem is connected to my Archer C20 which I have installed and configured LEDE on. Then to this PC I have internet from my ethernet cable which is connected to my Archer C20. Another person in my house was using Wifi, + a phone, however, yesterday something went weird. The other person said he suddenly didn't have internet access, and it says on his Chrome, also after, on my mobile phone DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET ,also he used Windows troubleshooter and it said it had a problem with router. Wireless wasn't working, however internet on my PC which is connected with ethernet was still working, so it has to do something with wireless settings. How I fixed the problem yesterday, I turned off both my archer and technicolor, unplugged them both and waited 1 minute, and turned them back on, which is basically power cycling. After that the wireless worked yesterday, however I did some restarting from my router page and restarting from LEDE interface as well, before that. However, today the same thing happened, and the power cycling didn't work, so I plugged in another ethernet cable into the other PC as a temporary solution, however I need wireless to work, so any help with configuring would be accepted. Here is a screenshot of my interfaces screen

Any help would be appreciated.

This was a wall of text, but just to make clear, I have problems only with wireless, ethernet connections are set up correctly and work without problems.

Hello, how are you

What's up with your C20? I ask because I have a C20 vs4 and I want to install LEDE in it, could you tell me the best way?

thank you

You can use the archer C20 LEDE page to download the software, also, make your own research/LEDE forum post if you have problems not steal mine.

Also, as far as I know LEDE doesn't have support for Archer C20 v4

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Any help? This is a pressing issue for me that needs help ASAP. Not having wireless at my home is really a pain.

See this article on troubleshooting the message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET"...

Take any wireless channel selection off "auto", and select either 1, 6, and 11 for 2.4 Ghz, or try 157 for 5 Ghz.

If you are using 802.11n, make sure WMM is checked.

Download and run Lizard Systems free WiFi Scanner....

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I will try these solutions, thank you in advance.