Problems with 5ghz (Radio0) Linksys WRT32X (Solution)

I am mainly posting this to help others that may have the same problem I have been having with OpenWRT with the Linksys WRT32X.

I randomly started having my 5ghz signal drop out on me. It would start up just fine and broadcast for maybe 5-10 mins before it would just stop showing up on any devices. I am new to all this kind of stuff so I wasn't sure what could be the problem. Following some advice from these forums I tried selecting a channel for the router, setting it to 40, then 80 Mhz Width but nothing was working.

I later noticed the disabled Radio2 had a network attached to it. It seems that even if the radio is disabled, having that network setup on Radio2 was the source of my problems. This network was the default "OpenWRT" network and I never thought twice about it being there until today. Decided to delete it, and had little hope this would help, well an hour later my 5Ghz signal is still showing up just fine. I am posting this now as a reference for others and want to update this post if it truly has fixed this problem, maybe after 2-3 days of it working fine.

UPDATE (8 days Later):
I have yet to have my 5ghz cut out at any point now, I think this is a solid solution for anyone else having this problem!

Delete any networks attached to Radio2 (and also disable radio2)